Holiday home in the South of France

Enjoy fully from your holiday home in the South of France? Whether you go on holiday with a group of friends or you go with the family. Whether you have cultural plans or just want to lie on the beach. For everyone there is a suitable holiday home in the South of France! Because of the southern climate, the sun almost always shines. But even if the weather is not so good, you are comfortable in your comfortable holiday home in the south of France

Holiday homes in popular regions in the South of France

In the south of France there are 2 popular coastal areas on the Mediterranean. There you can enjoy a wonderful holiday by the sea. In the most southern part of France, in the Languedoc Roussillon region, lies the Côte Vermeille. This coast is especially characterized by its steep cliffs, intimate bays and charming fishing ports. This makes the Côte Vermeille very popular among diving enthusiasts, but also for walkers. Thanks to the popularity of the Côte Vermeille, there is a wide range of holiday homes.

Port Barcarès, Argelès-sur-Mer and Canet Plage are famous resorts on the Côte Vermeille. They have wide, gently sloping sandy beaches. This is of course ideal for family holidays, but is also a good place for water sports. Together with the marina and all cozy restaurants, this makes Argelès-sur-Mer a very popular destination.

The Côte d'Azur is a second popular coastal region on the Mediterranean. This is very popular among holidaymakers in places such as Cannes, Nice or Saint-Tropez. The bustling seaside resorts: Juan-les-Pins, Saint-Maxime and Hyères are characterized by their deep blue sea, luxurious boulevards with palm trees and the white yachts that float past in the water. A holiday on the Côte d'Azur is equal to stylish blowing out!

Spend your holiday in southern France

Because South France is a very popular holiday destination, there are also plenty of holiday houses to choose from. From a beautiful villa to a picturesque cottage in the southern French vineyards. Or from an apartment with sea view to a gîte. In southern France you can rent many beautiful luxury villas with or without a private pool. There are villas where you can stay with 2 people, but there are also villas where you can stay with 20 people. Some luxury villas are divided into atmosphere groups in terms of interior and exterior. So you can choose from an authentic, contemporary or a modern exterior. And also from a rural modern or vintage interior. This way you can easily find the villa that best meets your needs.

Discover here your holiday home in the South of France

Those who rent a holiday home in the South of France will soon discover why this region is so popular with tourists. Southern France is a wonderful destination to spend your vacation. From your private villa, apartment or cottage there is always something going on. View our range of holiday homes in the South of France now. So you are already assured of a wonderful stay!

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