Private holiday home in Provence

A holiday home in Provence is ideal if you want to travel with friends, family or even your pet. You stay in a private home so that you can enjoy undisturbed. This way you can completely relax and have fun with your travel companions.

The Provence is therefore the perfect place to completely relax. The region is known for its beautiful olive groves and lavender fields. This makes it an excellent destination to take advantage of a beautiful bicycle or walking tour. But also vacationers who want to take it easier, are here in their element.

On the fine sandy beaches on the famous lakes of Provence you can enjoy the nice weather and the refreshing water from a sun lounger. Do you want to make tourist trips? Here too, Provence offers a range of possibilities. Visit the historic city of Avignon or the arles in Arles. And after these activities you will relax back in your holiday home where you can still enjoy.

Refresh in your private pool at your holiday home

Cool off at a swimming pool in Provence? At Holiday Homes in you have many options for renting a holiday home in Provence with a private swimming pool. That gives you the opportunity to enjoy your family or friends in the water undisturbed. Or just float on an air mattress on the water.

For sports enthusiasts it is then again easy to swim laps at your own pace. You do not have to get up early or wait until there is enough room for swimming. Another plus is that you also always have place to lie on the pool and not a few rows to the rear.

In short, a private swimming pool offers a number of advantages to your holiday, which will make your holiday even better.

The best selection of holiday homes

Our holiday homes in Provence are carefully selected. For example, within our range you will only find the best selections. You can therefore count on the holiday homes we offer to always be of good quality.

You also have direct contact with the landlord so that you can get to know it immediately and ask any questions. If a problem should arise or you need other support, we are still ready to help you.

Below you will find a selection of the different types of holiday homes:

Holiday home on the coast

Child-friendly destinations in France

Holiday homes in Provence with private pool

Holiday homes with pets allowed

Holiday homes for groups

So there are different formulas for holiday homes in Provence that can fulfill your wishes. Be sure to look further on the site for more information and photos!

Book the holiday you deserve!

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