Looking for a holiday home in Normandy?

With a holiday home in Normandy your holiday can not go wrong! Holiday homes in makes for you a selection of the best holiday homes that can be found in this region. So after a day full of experiences you can relax in the evening in the comfort of a well-kept holiday home in the beautiful Normandy.

A must-see in this French region is Mont Saint-Michel. This island is not on the UNESCO World Heritage List for nothing! The rocky area is adorned by a medieval abbey that spontaneously takes you through the history of Normandy. Mont Saint-Michel is only accessible for pedestrians, so you can take time to enjoy the spectacular views that the island offers.

Do you want to immerse yourself in the culture of Normandy? Then you should definitely go to Rouen, the cultural capital of the region. The center of this city is very impressive and there are plenty of experiences: the Museum of Fine Arts, many ancient churches, the Place Vieux-Marché, ... It does not stop! Let yourself be carried away by the cozy streets of this city, you will not regret it.

Holidays in Basse-Normandy

Basse-Normandie consists of the departments of Calvados, Manche and Orne. Basse-Normandie contains many attractions that are definitely worth a visit. The lush nature ensures that walks and bike rides are provided with an incredible view. Eating and drinking is also a fantastic experience in this region, which is known for its culinary delights such as Calvados. All the ingredients for a successful, restful holiday are here! You can wander endlessly in one of the picturesque villages that Normandy has to offer. Popular among many is the small town of Honfleur, where there is no shortage of cozy terraces and an authentic holiday feeling.

Stay in Haute-Normandie

Haute-Normandie is a region on the French coast and consists of the departments Eure et Seine-Maritime. On the coast there are many erratic (chalk) formations, falaises, with here and there pebbly and sandy beaches. Part of the coast is called Côte Fleurie (flower coast). This area is known for its camenbert. inland you will find beautiful green, wooded and hilly areas around the Seine, filled with apple orchards and meadows. The most attractive months to go to Normandy on vacation are July and August.

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